Online Plan Room

The Stinky Prints Plan Room allows for document

publishing, management, planning and distribution.

Designed to streamline communications, the online

Plan Room revolutionizes the Invitiation to Bid

process meeting all your construction project needs!


Stinky Prints Plan Room Highlights!


Fast and Easy Electronic File Submission - Our EFS

component allows you to send us a large number of

files quickly and easily. Click on “Send Us Files.”


Public and Private Jobs - We can post your jobs as public

or private. Public allows any user to view and order

from the job. With a private job, you can control access

by only giving the Job Key to authorized sub-contractors.


Simple Plan Viewing - Sub-contractors can view drawings

online using just their web browser.


Notify Planholders of Revisions and Updates - We can send

e-mail notifications to all job planholders, notifying

them of revisions, addenda, or other updates.


Easy Set Ordering - You and your sub-contractors can

order prints directly from our planroom, saving time.


Public Job Calendar - The public job calendar shows

when certain jobs are bidding, and provides direct

access to those jobs for viewing and ordering.


Hosted Plan Room Benefits!

• Branded for your company image

• Send subs to your own plan room

• Displays your projects on your job calendar

• Appears you fully invested in your own plan room technology


“Our experience with the Plan Room was

most definitely a positive one. It enabled

us to really focus on the content and timing

of the bid process without having to worry

about distribution.”


     - Heath Kuszak, Principal, Agrostis, Inc.